Looking for ‘heart’

The college admission decisions for the high school graduating Class of 2016 are now in our rear view mirror.  The decisions made are being analyzed by parents, students, educators and admission professionals.  This analysis will help inform the process for 2017.

But, what has been interestingly discussed is what admission officers are seeking in the submitted admission files.

They are seeking ‘heart’.  They are seeking a student who is committed to learning, committed to something they are curious about and seeking an applicant that will be a good fit for their learning environment.  This goes above and beyond data defined by Grade Point Average and Test Scores.  While important, these sole data points to not help inform admission decisions.

In a time when our students are pushing themselves to unhealthy limits, it is essential that educators communicate the importance of authentic engagement and not predicated engagement.

The New SAT and ACT Concordance Table has been published

After a long wait, the SAT (College Board) and the ACT have collectively created the Concordance Table.  This table compares the Old SAT, with the Re-designed SAT and with the ACT.  This information will be invaluable to to families and students understanding the comparatives with each exam as the preparation calendar begins

For ease of use, I have included the link to College Board in this post so that you can view the table based on your specific needs.

Concordance Table Information:   Concordance Table


What’s new at Buckley Ed?

Hi everyone!

Reviewing my website is not one of my most favorite tasks, yet in the era of technology, what better way to communicate what’s new at Buckley Ed?  I’ve decided to use this forum to communicate ideas, thoughts, musings, and updates with the educational landscape.  Topics abound in the media and in general conversation, and I’d like this forum to be one full of conversation and embedded with discourse about the issues related to the world of learning, growing and seeking the ‘best fit’ educational setting.

So, what’s new at Buckley Ed?

In 2012 through 2014, Buckley Ed was in growth mode.  I, as the sole owner, hired staff to provide ethical and expert advice.  In 2015, I made the decision to scale back as I missed the time spent with families and students.  In 2016, I am working with students and their families on a multitude of educational placements ranging from elementary to high school, day to boarding and college to gap programs.  I am fortunate to have two associates working for me and in the course of the future blogs, I will share their expertise, and backgrounds.

During the next few months, I’ll be holding Monthly College Conversations in my Burlingame Avenue office.  If you’re interested in joining, space is limited, so drop me an email at [email protected] if you’d like to join the ‘conversation’.  Topics include:  What’s Happening in the UC Admission Process?, How does the CSU Admit Students if an Essay Isn’t Required? and Colleges That Change Lives ~ An Overview of Small Colleges.

Looking forward to the ongoing conversations in the weeks and months ahead!

Jean Marie


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