Thank you to Swiss Education Group

It’s been just over a week since I returned from an information packed trip to Montreux, Switzerland.  While my name tag indicated Canada as my country of origin, I can attest that I proudly call the United States my home of citizenship.  The Swiss Education Group shared the unique aspects for four programs, all focusing on the hospitality industry.  For our Buckley Education students interested in pursuing their love of travel, the fascination with varied cultures, their curiosity in learning other languages and most importantly for our students interested in  meeting people from all over the planet; this field is for you. The Swiss are known for educating those interested in the hospitality industry and if you want to know more ~ just give us a call!

Jean-Marie Buckley
Jean-Marie Buckley

Montreux, Switzerland doesn’t disappoint

As I compose this, please know that the lands of Switzerland, here on the edge of Lake Geneva are beyond words.  The beauty of the landscape spectacular and the hospitality without comparison. Speaking of hospitality, today was our first day visiting two programs within the seven programs offered within the Swiss Education Group.

Cesar Ritz College and Culinary Arts Academy provided an extraordinary understanding of the details required to provide a first class, five star, world recognized hospitality experience.  From the moment I entered, every detail was accounted for.  From the offering of a delectable cafe, to touring the Ritz museum, to witnessing the school’s practical academic infrastructure to completing our visit with a fine dining experience (see the Buckley Education facebook posting), I left knowing the student I would recommend.

The Swiss Hotel Management School, otherwise referred to as SHMS, focuses on the management side of operating any aspect of the hospitality industry.  While the thought might be the hotel industry, students are prepared for the fields of Event Planning, Spa and Resort Management and truly any aspect of a customer’s needs. Students are required to learn two languages during their education and quickly understand the value of language proficiency in more than one language.

Here are a few pictures of the beauty of Montreux, Switzerland:

A view in Montreux, Switzerland A panoramic view from Caux Palace Caux Palace in Montreux, Switzerland

Switzerland ~ A Tour of Swiss Colleges

As Principal of Buckley Education and the founder of the Bay Area’s IECA Regional Group, I am honored to be invited by the Swiss Education Group to visit four colleges in Switzerland.  I’ll blog along the way and provide detailed pictures and a review of each college, programs as well as the surrounding beauty of Switzerland.  I’ll begin my journey staying in Montreux at the Grand Hotel Swiss Majestic.

Hotel Grand Swiss Majestic
Hotel Grand Swiss Majestic



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