Spring Break! What Colleges Are You Visiting?

Class of 2020 and on…are you visiting colleges over your Spring Break? It’s a perfect time to finalize your list. Have you started yours? The college planning process starts early. We can help.

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Maybeck High School Visit~Berkeley, Ca

At Buckley Education, we are constantly visiting schools to best be able to guide our students on their educational journey to include ‘best fit’ school selection.
Lisa Kraft so enjoyed her tour of Maybeck High School located in Berkeley yesterday. The murals that surrounded her as she toured the halls captured students’ imagination which they are so encouraged to use.

The high school is named after the regional architect Bernard Maybeck (1862-1957), whose work represents imagination and excellence and provides a model for the school’s vision of education.

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Buckley Education, Educational Solutions for Families, K-12+

College options-they’re endless!

Buckley Ed makes it a point to know them all!

Lisa Kraft, MS, PPS, CEP so enjoyed her lunch & learn this week!

The beautiful Lawrence University~a small liberal arts university located in Wisconsin has so much to offer.  Schedule your complimentary in-person consult today with one of our credentialed educational counselors to learn more about our expertise and services.

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Happy Pi Day!

Pi Day is a holiday which is celebrated on March 14th every year. This day was created to celebrate the mathematical constant π. It falls on 3/14 since three, one and four are the first three digits of PI. It is a holiday that has been celebrated large-scale since 1988 and has been celebrated by millions upon millions of math students and teachers since. It’s also a day when pizza parlors and bakeries have great deals on pies! (:

Our Response to Recent Headlines…

In the wake of the recent headlines:

“College Admissions Scandal”

Buckley Education is in the process of developing a response to this breach of ethical and legal practices.  We are proud to be credentialed, licensed leaders in the field of ethical practice and invite you to learn about our expertise and services at:


The ISEE at Buckley Education!

We are now authorized to administer the ISEE test! Buckley Education has been a proud SSAT Flex Test administrator for years. We can now proctor both in our comfortable, cozy testing room!

Buckley Education~Education Solutions for Families, K-12+

March~Admission Decision Letters Begin to Arrive

Are there admission decision letters in your mailbox? Next steps? We can help!

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