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Thank you Hamlin School in SF!

Jean Marie Buckley had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful Hamlin School in one of the most iconic areas of San Francisco. The Hamlin School is a private, K through 8th all girls school steeped in SF heritage. The familial environment is ever so welcoming as is its beautiful building. Thank you for the tour and sharing what’s new. We at Buckley Education pride ourselves in our valued partnerships with educators/schools throughout the Bay Area as it is pivotal when guiding our students on their educational journey.
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How do you learn?

As the end of the school year is upon us and finals are approaching…ask yourself, do you know how you learn? Are you an auditory learner? Visual learner? Utilize your strengths and natural talents for studying. Study with friends if you need information reiterated or study alone if quiet is best.

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May 1st~SIR is due!

Remember High School Seniors…today is May 1st and you must submit your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR). You must submit a (SIR) to officially accept your college admission offer.

You commit to the school, and the school commits to you.

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Thank you Berkwood Hedge School in Berkeley!

Thank you Berkwood Hedge School  in Berkeley for an informative, in-depth visit last week! Lisa Kraft so enjoyed visiting such a nurturing environment. We at Buckley Education strive to visit schools (K-12) annually throughout the East Bay, Peninsula and nationwide so we can best provide our students with first-hand, up-to-date knowledge of options and best guide their educational path. Buckley Education~Educational Planning & Solutions for Families, K-12+ Call us today! 650.410.6140

Thank you Orinda Academy

Lisa Kraft, MS, PPS, CEP visits schools during this time annually and with  #wednesdaywisdom in mind, it’s a perfect day to share her continuous professional development .  Buckley Education has offices in the East Bay and on the Peninsula. We take pride in learning and touring schools throughout the Bay Area so we can determine ‘best fit’ educational environments for our students. Last week, Lisa enjoyed touring and receiving first-hand information about the programs Orinda Academy offers, a college preparatory school for students in 8th-12th grade. Thank you to their Director of Admissions for taking the time and thank you to the students for being so welcoming!

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