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A Visit to Lick-Wilmerding HS, SF

Lisa Kraft, MS, PPS, CEP set out to San Francisco yesterday to visit Lick-Wilmerding High School! She enjoyed meeting so many members of the staff and getting the opportunity to view the students in their collaborative environment. At Buckley Education, we pride ourselves in continual professional development and gaining first hand knowledge about the school options in the Bay Area.
Thank you LWHS for such a wonderful visit!

To learn more about LWHS and other high schools throughout the Bay Area, give us a call!

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Happy National School Counseling Week!

We celebrate school counselors this week! The team at Buckley Education is proud of their 30+ years of school counseling experience. We also pride ourselves in being the only private firm with two credentialed and licensed Certified Educational Planners!
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A Quote from Winston Churchill

We are in interesting times and as an educator, I believe that positivity will guide us and move us forward.  This quote resonated with me on this beautiful Friday afternoon.  The sun is shining after historic rainfall in the San Francisco Bay Area and I wish for a positively influenced weekend.

“A Pessimist Sees The Difficulty In Every Opportunity.  An Optimist Sees the Opportunity In Every Difficulty.”
Winston Churchill

Clouds and Blue Sky
Clouds and Blue Sky