Parent Groups

Buckley Education understands the complex emotions that come with parenting. We also understand the importance of finding the appropriate educational fit for each child. 

Buckley Education brings a depth of knowledge to the educational options and a respect for the educational decisions made on behalf of each student and their family.

Our process is a blend of educational expertise and educational counseling which supports our understanding for the unique characteristics of the education decision making process. 

Listed below is a sampling of the presentations we can provide to parent groups:

  • Understanding high school options
  • College and preparing for the complex landscape of admissions
  • Testing, courses, grades ~ what matters?
  • From an admission perspective: Creating a Class
  • Public or Private ~ how to decide?

Your School Profile

Jean-Marie Buckley, M.Ed, MPA, PPS, CEP, founder of Buckley Education has also developed a platform for schools. Your School Profile creates the mandatory cover sheet which accompanies a high school transcript (

This platform guides schools in developing the required document to accompany EVERY child's academic record. If you would like more information about YourSchoolProfile, Inc., please contact our offices directly at 877.216.2828 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.