College Acceptances

Our Policy on not sharing Acceptance Statistics

Providing a list of colleges to which our students are accepted does not fully reflect the individuality of each student.  

Our students receive acceptance to colleges and universities that reflect their unique assets.  Our students are accepted to a wide range of colleges and universites across the Globe.

Annually, we are proud of our student's accomplishments as they receive acceptances to both Ivy League and Liberal Art insitituions.  Additionally, our students choose their place of higher education based on factors that are personal to them.  In other words, they are more than a data point, more than a statistic.

We guide our students towards a sophisticated understanding of why they are pursuing higher education and how they, as a prospective applicant, can demonstrate their unique qualities in the admission process.

We provide more than application assistance, essay development and test preparation.

We provide our students a life line in the tenuous and emotional process of individuating from their family system.

We ask questions that demand a deeper self understanding of our students.

We support the entire process and answer any and all questions throughout our student’s journey.

Because our process is so deeply individual, our student’s apply to the appropriate schools for their needs.