We also help

children ages K-12 to re-find joy in their classrooms and in learning.  We do this by helping each child understand the magnificence of how their specific brains work. 

Through educational therapy, we create an individualized tool kit designed to remediate a learning disability or any other learning challenges.  By asking direct questions and role-playing with older students and using games and drawing with younger ones, we allow them to teach their reality: 

Where they become frustrated, what that looks like, where they succeed.  We then work together to map out their strengths alongside their weaknesses and formulate solutions for their success. 

Educational therapy is NOT tutoring. 

It provides direct remediation to skills that need intervention and attention. When these kids relax into understanding how THEY learn best, with our support, their minds unlock.

Their spirits soar. 

They relax and they learn. 

Contact us today to learn more

650.401.6140 or 866.948.3803 

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