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what clients have to say

My experience with Buckley Education could not have been more successful or enjoyable.  Starting with the first day I walked into the office I have felt as though I am in the hands of professional educators that are striving to best prepare their students for their college experience.  Caitlin helped me to provide all my applications with the best image of me as a student and as a person and I am ecstatic about the end results. 

— M.C.

Jean Marie~ Thank you for all the thousand things you did to help our son make a dream come true.  You have had a profound affect on his growth as a person, student, even as a family member, over the past years.  We love you for your guidance, compassion, clarity, forthrightness and so much more. You do such important work.  I hope to you sleep each night a sense of enormous fulfillment.

— Stanford 2017

Meet Jean Marie
Professional Counselor & Educator

Jean Marie cares about students, families and the development of each person's educational path.  

For more information, call (650.401.6140) or email Jean Marie for a Meet and Greet meeting.




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