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We, at Buckley Education are proud of our legacy.  For decades we have guided our students and their families to the educational setting that works best for their child's learning profile.  We made a conscious decision to work outside the school system, but hold the degrees, credentials and licensure required to work within the school system.  

As private practitioners, we ensure that each student's educational needs are the focus of our work.  When we worked in the school system (which we all have), we understand the limits and consraints of meeting each student's individual needs.  

We are the only educational counseling and consulting firm that mandates our counselors have time within the school system.  

— The Buckley Ed Story

Meet Jean-Marie Buckley
Professional & Licensed Counselor
Certified Educational Planner

Jeanmarie is the Principal of Buckley Education

As a California credentialed and Master's educated counselor, Jeanmarie leads the education industry with defining what qualifies someone to become an professional educational counselor.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Buckley Education or contact Jeanmarie directly at 650.401.6140 or by email 

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