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John's Story
Our first meeting was to talk about his education, his achievement and his goals beyond his current high school.  While I will keep his name confidential (as that is the nature of our confidential practice), he is a student that will, forever, resound in my memories.  For the purposes of this story, I will call him ~ John.  
Quite simply, John wanted to attend one particular, top tier university.  He was raised by his mother and his father, while in his life, could not support John's aspirations.  Months into his process, I learned about John's interest in teaching his classmates (and underclassman) computer programming.  He was actively involved in his school's swimming program, but did not want to pursue colleagiate swimming. (continued - click on Read More Stories)

— Our February 2017 Story

Meet Lisa Kraft
Professional & Licensed Counselor

Lisa is the Lead Counselor for College Planning. 

She is a California credentialed and Master's educated counselor with over fifteen years of experience in education in competitive high schools in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley educational system.

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